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Wednesday, 16 April 2014
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KNPP meets refugees before coming ceasefire talk Before entering the next meeting with government, Karenni National Progressive Party KNPP gathers public conference with refugees in Thai borders areas to clarify the previous ceasefire agreements and pointed whether the further signing would bring them the real change while military’s issues in the state are still controversial.
Arm groups and state govt partnership to focus healthcare
 A pilot project to develop regional healthcare by Civil Health and Development Network (CHDN), which is grouped with 6 different ceasefire groups, along with the cooperation of State Health Department has been initiated in Karenni State.
KNPP has no decision to join nationwide ceasefire yet One of the ethnic armed groups, Karenni National Progressive Party (KNPP) is absenting for nationwide ceasefire signing, which will be hold in Naypyidaw within this month according to spokesperson.
Cooperation goes no practical in Kayah About 20 months have passed after Karenni National Progressive Party (KNPP) signed cease fire agreement with the government but no cooperation in regional development is found from both parties.

Support Kantarawaddy Times

Thursday, 15 July 2010 15:31

Kantarawaddy Times (KT) is a non-profit Karenni news organization supported by grants and donations from individual donors. KT provides daily news related to Karenni people and Burma through a newspaper, email news release, web and radio.

We are not affiliated with any political groups, armed groups, nor the government and we believe in providing accurate, fair and balanced news that gives our community a voice and promotes democracy.

As a non-profit organization, the support we receive from our donors is very valuable.

People or organizations donating more than US $100 will receive a certificate of appreciation for their commitment to Kantarawaddy Times and support of press freedom in Burma and the region.

Please be assured that we will respect your right to privacy. The Kantarawaddy Times does not provide details of donations to any third party.

Thank you again for your support and encouragement.

Kantarawaddy Times

About Kantarawaddy Times

Friday, 19 March 2010 12:01

Kantarawaddy Times (KT) is an independent media organization that gathers and produces Burmese news. KT is dedicated to reporting on Karenni issues and covering topics from all over the world that impact the Karenni people. KT is also dedicated to the impartial documentation of the current situation in Burma, and its members are driven by the desire to promote democracy in all Burma while giving a voice to all Karenni people. In addition to this website, KT publishes a monthly newspaper in Burmese and Karenni, broadcasts radio news in Karenni each week, runs a training program for budding Karenni journalists, and sends out news releases over email.

When Karenni state had been independent, it was made up of four areas. The name “Kantarawaddy Times” is based on one of those areas: Kantarawaddy. The other three areas were Bawlake, Kyetpoekyi and Moebyae.

KT was founded on October 2, 2004 by young journalists who had finished a one-year course at journalism school in Chiang Mai run by Internews, a Thai based non-governmental organization. There were no media papers inside Karenni state and along the Thai-Karenni border at that time, and a study was performed to determine where and how the Karenni community got their daily news. The findings from this study were that the community wanted the world to learn about the life of the Karenni people, and also that they desired a newspaper that targeted the Karenni audience. In addition, Karenni youth have an extreme desire want the world to know about the real life of Karenni people who fled by the civil war and human rights abuses so that the world community might understand and give support.

When starting the paper, KT members received guidance from Karenni community leaders, youth, women, and other journalists. Before the founding of KT, its members worked closely together in the field of media work and disseminated their news to other Thai based media groups. During its first year, KT published a 4 page (B3-size, folded) newspaper every 15 days entirely through self-support.

Kantarawaddy Times main objectives are:

  • Promote freedom of the press and free news writing in Burma, and at a regional level in Karenni State
  • To stand on the side of the public and improve the truth

KT members will collect and report accurate and timely information to our community and will never be under an external person or organization’s power. KT will stand strong for the journalism code of ethics.

We thank all of our readers and welcome submissions of articles, opinions and cartoons.

Producer – Kantarawaddy Times

Editor in Chief – Khu Ngae Reh Phedu

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